FAQ about shinokubo student housing

Up to moving-in

student housing How to view the room?
   The room viewing is accepted only room that is scheduled to be an available.
   Please let us know whenever at your convenient day and time.
   Please see more information @ Reservation Steps

housing for student Why do i need to put name on the waiting list?
   This is the service that we will let you know as soon as the room you are interested in becomes open.
   It will work if your scheduled moving in date is more than one month away
   since we will be notified by all tenant at least one month ahead of their leaving day.
   Waiting List  

gaijin house

housing of international student How to pay the deposit from oversea
   We take a credit card through Paypal. It doesn't matter if you have an amount with them or not.
   Without having an account with them, you can still make an payment.

 live with Japanese What to bring to sign a contract?
   Need an ID with a picture on. ie. Passport and the amount of the deposit (20,000 JPY)

forigner and japanese mixed Will the deposit be back all?
   When there is no significant damage to your room, the deposit will be refunded fully in cash at moving out.

practive japanese How much do I need to move in?
   Rent, Utilities and Deposit Only. NO other hidden charge.

learning Japanese I see no room available on the room list.
   If you are looking for a room more than one month away, please put your name on our Waiting List

tokyo Can use less than one month?
   CHouse Tokyo is for a monthly stay only.

During stay

speak Japanese everyday Do I have to clean the house?
   The shared area cleaning is done by the house manager.
   However, to keep it clean, we would like to ask all tenants to look after their usage of the shared area.

furnished rooms Is there curfew?
   No thre isn't.

all included shinokubo I don't speak Japanese. Is that problem to live there?
   Not at all. The house manager and other tenants speak English.
   Many guests come here for attending Japanese language school nearby.
   and some of them spoke none Japanese at the first time.
   We wish to see you enjoy learning Japanese with other tenants.


When moving out

furnished rooms When do i need to tell?
    Please tell us at least one month before.

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